Final touches to walls

With today’s umpteen home decorating options, wall decorating has become a unique and exciting alternative home décor furnishings. If one thinks beyond basic painting, walls are the perfect place to display pretty much anything they desire.
Walls are often treated as a nuisance and challenge in the home interior designing to be dealt with. For those creative and daring enough to attempt it, walls offer a world of design options. “Decorating walls with the things that are close to your heart gives your space warmth and personality. One can make the walls more colourful and creative.”
“For those wishing to do something different with their walls other than painting or hanging pictures, there are plenty of trend setting options that are available today. Walls, however, can be used to display some of the most fascinating and unique décor.”
Large wall-expanses in homes can be embellished with wall art, wall mirrors, wall clocks, metal wall art, collage, frames, wall hangings, wall lights, wall masks, wall murals, painting, wall paper, wall tiles, tapestries, quilts and quilted wall hangings, decorative wall shelf and much more. If one is looking for a fine art detail in their home décor, wall tapestries are an unsurpassed decorating solution that gives a personal and elegant touch to the interiors.
Lighting, textures and other wall art and décor can be employed to make a familiar room feel like new. LED lights can also be affixed to walls to create the right ambience whether it’s the bedroom or the living room. One can beautify their walls with art prints on canvas, original paintings or tile murals.
“Wall murals are a great way to illustrate any wall. Tile murals are the latest in home wall-décor and custom hand-painted wall murals offer a creative way to add personality to walls. Whether they are scenic or whimsical, murals add drama and interest to any room in your home. Wall murals add an instant focal point to a room that is bright and delightful to look. That apart, walls murals are ideal for kid’s décor in children bedrooms.”
Black and white photos framed with same colour look fantastic in every décor setting. One could also display their favorite items in shadow boxes or hang shelves to display antiques, decorative objects, trophies, stuffed animals, old-fashioned clocks, etc. This will help to transform a room into a lavish space.
Hand-painted wall art panels and hand crafted metal wall décor are one of the perfect solutions to the room with no view. There are styles to suit any decorating theme and at the same time functional.
Last but not the least, clocks can decorate the wall and are a fashion statement. Wooden wall panels are a compliment to them. One can have an elegant and attractive contemporary home décor with decorative wall clocks.
So, find the perfect accessories to dress up the walls in your home and complete your home’s décor.
Artwork on Walls
Apart from fine art, paintings are always appreciated as decorative items for a home. Paintings are said to tell us more about the owner’s personality. For home paintings which contain natural colours and look real are apt.
Mostly, people take a trip around the city, area or an exhibition and on an impulse, pick up a painting or art work of their homes. Even in choosing a painting for your rooms, however, there are certain things to keep in mind. There are various factors that one needs to look into before picking up a frame of art – the furniture, size of the wall, view size, lighting of the room, among other criteria, Landscape are ideal for room that has classical furniture. “If you fit a large painting on a large wall, and view size (the distance of viewing) is not enough, then it can hamper the look of the whole room,” proper lighting is important because “Bad lighting can spoil the beauty of a painting.”
Art lovers should not get carried away by the cost and name of the artist. Money can never give the original value of an art piece. It is always priceless. Only the artist knows the real value. Sometimes good work can be found at very low costs. Only one should have a good taste and some time to spend appreciating art.
“Keeping in mind the house and its size, colour of the walls and also the choice of the client, paintings are to be suggested. Most prefer paintings of forest, trees and water falls in living room and different creative paintings – sometimes modern art—in the bedroom.” Sometimes people ask for paintings that have a base of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, like a painting of Lord Ganesha. Usually contrast method is used while picking a painting. If the colour of the wall is of a lighter shade, the painting should be darker and for darker walls, obviously, light-coloured paintings look good. This way, the entire look of the room is accentuating, without ignoring the space and at the same time the beauty of the art work is not lost Glass paintings are no more in vogue. The new mantra today is to stay natural.
The advantage in selecting paintings for apartments that are under construction is that there is freedom to select appropriate frames and the place where it fits best, after consulting with the customer. In Bangalore, the demand for works by upcoming artists is growing, which is quite encouraging. People also go in for figurative and abstract concepts, part from landscapes. People also like buying a few accessories that complement the paintings. Silk rosewood and gem stones are other popular styles of paintings. This traditional form of art. So, they are a classic.
There are many myths about the frames that go on the walls of your home. It is said that a painting with dull colours, especially those which represent strokes of pessimism, affects the inmates’ mood. Some people refuse to hang a dark coloured frame or picture in their living rooms, fearing a bad omen – a crisis in your home or relationship or even the call of evil. It is also believed that a painting that shows a river, a water fall or a stream, ensures an easy flow of income in the house. And a serene atmosphere like a picture amidst mountains and the sea side, exalts peace and harmony in your home.
It eventually, however, comes down to what the owner thinks feels, likes and wants. Whatever, the reason, a painting does give your room a new face lift.

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