The most indiscriminate wastage of water and pollution of it has reached the highest level in our country. The water shortage in Indian cities and the ecological imbalances are resulting in inadequate rains in the country. The writing was on the wall for every one to see, yet there was no preparedness to face it. No new sources were searched, no new schemes to augment water supply were found.
According to Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, the mean rain fall has come down by four per cent between 1965 and 2006. But the usable rain fall for the same period has decreased by 12 per cent. A satellite study by the American space agency NASA conducted shows that the ground water reserves have gone down drastically. In the farming fields all over the India, the crops are drying. Kharif crops in the country is decreasing by 25 percent and the area under the oil seeds has also gone down by 0.70 million hectares. Indiscriminate cutting of trees, has resulted in drought in majority of the parts of the country. It is high time, which is running fast, that we take stock of the situation and put all out efforts to conserve water.
Technology for desalination plants is available to us. We have been talking of desalination plants for more than two decades, but have never been implemented. However, it has been implemented in Chennai successfully. The cities are on the development mode because of the influx of the people. The civic planners in India are not paying any attention to the growing population needs. Water is the most essential and first important need of life, not only for drinking but also the source of food production, so the authorities should wake up and take immediate necessary steps.

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