When you decide on a makeover for your home, you should have a plan for it. You need to decide what to remove or move around, what to paint, change or refresh. Perhaps, you may require fresh plants, fabrics or flowers for the purpose. Make a long list of all you have to do or purchase and plan a budget for decorating your home.
For a start remove the crowded things in your home and have an atmosphere of spaciousness and airiness. Floor mats, rugs, quilts, heavy wool blankets and woolen carpets etc should all be put away. Buy some jute mats that are easy to find in various colors to suit your interiors.
You can really welcome the summer in along with its warmth and color!Let your home be a lovely place this summer to fight against the rising temperature.
During the winter it is good to have heavy drapes for insulation but in the summer they would only serve to trap the air and heat up the rooms.To cool down your home go for light, translucent cotton drapes that would allow light and air to enter the room. Plain or light fabrics in solid colors with simple symmetrical designs can be the focus.Textured cotton, striped linen, silks in a combinations of whites, pastels, citrus and earthy hues will all do very well.
You could get light, cotton bedding after removing the heavy blankets and quilts. Your table cloth and napkins could be round an Indian theme or other theme.For a feel of the garden choose floral chintz along with floral prints for cushion covers in contrast to the sofa or natural shades of the couch.
You could select the soothing white color as the shade for the season.In the bedroom and dining area white linen with some blue or yellow prints would be suitable. Through color you can bring about a transformation in your home.
The color of the linen, walls and accessories will make the rooms fresh. In color families such as blues, oranges, yellows and reds you can vary the shades. When you pick a theme for the particular part of the house you can also decide its color. A theme of flowers, fruits or nautical will look snappy and will bring in a focus.
If you place candles in colored glass or upon a flat platter of porcelain with a few colored pebbles scattered around it will surely brighten the home. Fruit such as green apples, pears and oranges kept in a glass bowl look delectable as a center-piece.Sweet limes or plain lemons will do just as well.When there is a sale of home accessories in the market it would be a good idea to check it out.
Accessories are good for effecting quick changes in the living space.Fresh flowers such as stems of orchids or carnations in pink, red or peach colors will refresh the ambience.Long-stemmed flowers can be kept in tall vases on the center table. An indoor plant or some fragrant pot pouri in a bowl will give a feel of summer to the bathrooms too.Another idea is to frame a set of botanical prints and hang it.
If you really desire to enjoy this summer, make these easy alterations to usher a refreshing look into your home.

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