LG Green County Plots sale located Devanahalli Bangalore

Residential Plots for sale in Devanahalli, Bangalore at LG Green County

LG Green County Plots sale located Devanahalli Bangalore

LG Green County Plots sale located Devanahalli Bangalore



Leagues apart from run of the mill projects with merely guarantee a speck of greenary, at LG Green County, nature is not just your neighbour, you will find yourself right at her lap. Situated near Devanahalli next to the Nagaraja Engineering College on NH 47, the residential project is spread over 4 million Sq Ft. with a provision to extend up to another 8-10 million Sq ft.

A blend of immaculate planning and design with thriftless exposure to greenary, LG Green County bestows ahead of time amenities that make one lead a worry-free life style. A temple, a mosque and a church along with other latest facilities for work, play and worship make this project a class apart.

LG GREEN COUNTY – Features & Amenities

Saleable Area : 50% & 50% lung space
Dimensions : 30X40 , 30×50, 60×40, 50×80 & Odd sizes
Asphalted Roads
Storm water Drainage
Road Trees
Sewage Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plan
Over Head Water Tank
Rain Water Harvesting
Water Connection to Every Plot
Palm Trees
Underground Sewage
Name Plate and Numbers on Every Plot
Compound Wall for Entire Township

Real Estate Fund A Smart Investment Option

Increasing urbanization which is likely to encompass two out of every five Indians, a marked shift in lifestyle from necessity to comfort and luxury as the primary drivers of spending, growth in the services sector contributing to affluent middle class in India, conducive fiscal regime ensuring economical home loans with commensurate tax breaks for the end users which in turn allowing an individual to own a house even at the age of 27 today is sure to provide the required impetus to the real estate sector. By virtue of the inherent need for ownership in an increasingly affluent society real estate will see an exponential growth.

Increased impetus on infrastructure development across the country, innovative growth models like Special Economic Zones, impetus on logistics infrastructure to boost local industry with private sector and FDI participations will only add to the glitter of the real estate sector.
With real estate funds willing to partner with high net worth individuals to create capital than the more traditional institutional funding route, this segment opens attractive investment avenues for a suave investor.

Real Estate investments that are traditionally driven by individual initiatives are now being packaged as a standard financial product by realty funds. No more botherations to fix bathrooms in leased out flats; no more fears of encroachment on lands, all you will possess now is a “statement of accounts” with no maintenance to maximize value.

By virtue of providing an organized and sustained source of funds with relevant sectoral expertise to a hitherto unorganized market in India, funds will captain the growth of real estate industry in its lifecycle to maturity, from the present stage of infancy.

Any individual who would have dabbled with real estate would vouch for the inconvenience of title search of land. He wouldhave certainly come across unscrupulous develop- ers who seldom deliver even after being paid. Such situations get addressed with a real estate fund at the helm, as they join hands with developers of repute with a clear track record ascertained by stringent due diligence.

Funds go a step ahead in making developers out of investors. As a fund, the investments in any project are at infancy during early stages of the project. The fund investors collaborate with the developers/land owners from inception to completion of the project. This ensures that the average returns in real estate develop- ment are at par with the returns that a developer would earn, which can be attractive on an annuliased basis.

Funds come with an inherent understanding of the business which helps them to identify sectoral gaps in the broader real estate development of any city. This results in more focused deployment avenues which on the one hand maximize returns for investors and on the other help in the holistic development of cities.

The downside in these transac- tions is also minimized on account of entry at land stage which itself has inherent value equivalent to the investment without discounting future earning potential. Further, a typical investment by a fund offers the potential for staggered investments at land acquisition stage of the project and leveraging at the construction phase. The net impact of staggered payments and leveraging is a substantially lower equity infusion in projects and hence results in a higher return on equity for the funds and for its investors. And all this, without any speculations on future pnces.

Further, given the spread of investments made possible with the higher investment corpus created from a pool of investors, the fund capitalizes on both the early mover advantage across various geogra- phies and segments as well as reaps the benefits of economies of scale in the implementation / construction stage of its various investments / projects. The added benefits of holding real estate companies to reach as size suitable for listing provides a huge windfall in the stock markets to enhance the earnings from the business itself is a virtue that comes with investments through real estate funds.

Real Estate is a versatile investment instrument where one can expect capital appreciation in the medium to long term coupled with the potential to earn sustained dividend yields on a sustainable basis.

In essence, real estate venture capital funds help to reduce the risk profile of real estate investments by offering diversified investment portfolio managed by experienced fund managers thereby providing dual benefits of a defensive invest- ment alternative compared to direct real estate investments and a hedge mechanism to equity market expo- sures by offering an alternative asset class with a similar return profile.

Track record of the promoter group is of paramount importance since corporate governance and transparency play a major role in ascertaining investor’s confidence. The profile of the team spearheading the fund is also a crucial factor since they bring the understanding and experience to ensure identification of right investment opportunities and monitoring of the investments to maximize returns for the investors.

Transparency in the fund structure is also an important yardstick of the commitment of the fund to the investor. A simple, transparent and result oriented structure which believes in rewarding the investors before the trigger of profit share is an ideal measure of the intent of the fund looking at a long term partnership with its investors.

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– See more at: http://bangalore5.com/blog/2015/06/19/lg-green-county-plots-sale-located-devanahalli-bangalore/#sthash.LAOKs2it.dpuf


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