KNS Anagha Plots for sale in Chandapura-Jigani Road Bangalore

Residential Plot Layout for sale in Surya Nagar off Chandapura-Jigani Road, Bangalore at KNS Anagha


KNS Anagha Plots for sale in Chandapura-Jigani Road Bangalore


A well-planned residential layout located just next to Surya Nagar on Chandapura-Jigani Road. A perfect combination of luxury, affordability and greenery, KNS Anagha has the ideal ambience for peaceful, healthy and comfortable living with all the modern basic amenities.

With easy access via both Hosur Road and Bannerghatta Road, you’ll be just minutes away from Electronics City and the NICE Corridor.

With Jigani, Electronic City, Bommasandra in the close vicinity and fantastic road connectivity including the NICE Road, your investment is sure to reap rich dividends while providing comfort and quality living for you and your family.

Project Details

Extent: 13 Acres and 21 Guntas
Plotted Area: 3.04 Lakh Square Feet
No. of Plots: 182 Plots of Various Dimensions


Well Asphalt Roads
Rain water harvesting
Requisite Electrical Fittings Street Lights
Underground Cabling
Sewage Treatment Plant
Overhead water Tank.


Global warming poses a threat to the natural environment and people all over the world are becoming aware of this. Eco-friendly materials and homes are being adopted by many because of this threat. The definition of eco-friendly is that which is not harmful to the natural environment and its inhabitants. It should be environment friendly and the environment should not be damaged by it.

Several builders sell homes that are classified as being eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious projects have sprung up that save water and energy and do not allow toxic materials inside the home. There is large scale integration of recycling, reuse, effective waste disposal system and solid waste management system. A whole gamut of energy-saving and clean energy procedures are provided in an eco-friendly house. A roof that generates solar power, fuel cell batteries, herb gardens, energy efficient doors and appliances all make up a large part of eco-friendly houses. In them eco-friendly material is used for construction and there is a minimum of reliance on non-renewable energy. Such houses have a lot of greenery and a landscape with abundant water. They also have an co-friendly environment with healthy energy.

Windows and skylights are located tactically in order to supply sufficient sunlight and ventilation to the rooms in the house. Doors, windows and ventilation systems that permit plenty of natural lighting and ventilation are present in environment-friendly houses. Fresh air and natural breeze are permitted to circulate within the house. A paint without harmful chemicals and furniture that is stylish and environmentally friendly is made use of. Such homes are low on upkeep. Wood substitutes from agricultural and jute wastes are used for making eco-wood. Such substitutes are harmless to the environment and look attractive too.

Sunlight and other natural resources are made use of to bring down the use of electricity. An eco-friendly home’s energy requirements are mostly provided from renewable solar energy that is available in plenty. This energy has the qualities of being pure and clean. Hot water for your bathroom and kitchen is supplied by solar water tanks. Fans and appliances that are solar powered and bulbs of low wattage do away with the reliance on the usual non-renewable energy sources.

A critical element of any eco-friendly home is rainwater harvesting. It is carried out on a

large scale in dry and semi-dry areas. It is a method that supplies drinking water, water for domestic use, for livestock, for small irrigation and a means of replenishing the level of groundwater in areas with water scarcity. The techniques of rainwater harvesting are utilized in eco-friendly houses.

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