1. Amenities: Road, open spaces, parks, recreational grounds, gardens, water supply, electric supply, street lighting, sewerage, drainage and conveniences.

2. Apartment: One or two buildings containing or meant for multi-family dwellings and contains more than four units in a building.

3. Auditorium: Premises having an enclosed space to seat audience and stage for various performances such as concerts, plays, music etc.

4. Building line: The line up to which the plinth of a building may lawfully extend within the plot on a street or an extension of a street. No over head projections are allowed beyond the building line.

5. Building setback: Minimum distance between any building or any structure from the boundary line of the plot.

6. Corner site: A site at the intersection of two roads and facing two or more roads/streets.

7. Development Plan:
Residential development plan: Plan containing proposal for construction of one or more residential buildings on a plot measuring more than 20,000 Square meters in extent.
Non-Residential development plan: Plan containing proposal for construction of one or more commercial buildings on a plot measuring more than 12,000 Square meters in extent.

8. Drains: The drains have been categorized into 3 types namely Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. These drains will have a buffer of 50, 25 and 15 m (measured from the centre of the drain) respectively on either side. These classifications have been used for the drains newly identified while finalizing the RMP, 2015.
9. Frontage: Frontage means the width of the site abutting the access road.

10. High density development: This includes star hotels, shopping malls, multiplexes, commercial complexes, IT and BT.

11. Height of Building: The vertical distance measured, in the case of flat roofs, from the average level of the ground around and contiguous to the building up to the highest point of the building and in case of pitched roofs, up to the point where the external surface of the outer walls intersects the finished surface of the slopping roof and in case of gables facing the road, the mid point between the caves level and the ridge.

12. High Rise building or Multi-storeyed Building: A building of a height of 24 meters or more above the average surrounding ground level.

13. Mezzanine floor: Intermediate floor between the ground floor and the first floor only. The area of the mezzanine floor shall not exceed 1/3rd of covered area of the ground floor.

14. Nursing Home: A premises having medical facility for indoor and outdoor patients having up to 30 beds, it shall be managed by a Doctor or a group of Doctors on commercial basis.

15. Park: A premises used for leisure, recreational activities, it may have a related landscaping, parking facilities, public toilet, fence, etc. It includes synonyms such as Lawn, open space, green, etc.

16. Playground: A premises used for outdoor games, it may have on it landscaping, parking facilities, public toilet etc.

17. Stilt Parking: Building constructed with stilt area of non habitable height (less than 2.4 meters) used for parking.

18. Villa: An independent house / dwelling on a given plot.

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– See more at: http://bangalore5.com/blog/2015/05/15/zoning-regulations-some-terms-and-definitions/#sthash.0gVgtEDo.dpuf


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