Manar Pureearth Villas for sale Located at Sarjapur, Bangalore – 3BHK & 4BHK Villas.

Manar Pureearth Villas Area Range 1675 – 2316 sq.ft., Located at Sarjapur, Bangalore available with 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.
Imagine living in an earth that is heavenly, natural and a manifestation of purity, right in the midst of a concrete jungle like Bangalore. That’s what Pureearth is, a piece of a paradise. It is a place where earth is true to you and offers you the opportunity to go back to earth and live among its splendour.
Experience this joy of living in the serene land of purity and nature at Manar’s Pure earth which has 200 exclusive villas located at Sarjapur. Just like the pure happiness of a child walking on rain-soaked mud for the first time, playing with it endlessly. Pure earth brings you the happiness which is timeless and cherished forever. Discover the delightful essence in living amidst unparalleled beauty of nature, in the wide open spaces, in the pure greenery, and in the fresh cool breeze. Relax and unwind at home nestled by pure earth. Spending quality time with your family and hearing the joyful laughter of your children would not be just on a vacation now. Live with this happiness every day, throughout your life. Find joy in what truly matters
Pureearth is a place where modernity seamlessly blends into nature to create an easier and smoother life with ultramodern recreational places and important conveniences, Pureearth promises you a better life.
Entrance Plaza
Water Feauture
Amphi theatre
Childrens Play area
Bamboo walk
Multipurpose Lawan
Elders Jogging Track
Excersise station
Basket Ball Court
Tot Lot
Club house Arcadia
Swimming pool
tennis court
party lawn

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