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Still a lot remains to be done in Bangalore, the infrastructural facilities such as good motorable roads, medical facilities to the poor, public transport, housing for poor and the needy, potable water for everybody, good sanitation facilities,uninterrupted electricity supply, etc., The problems concerning potable water anduninterrupted electricity supply and medical care for the poor inthe State are gigantic and require huge sums of money and longdrawn up plans. The business community and the people at large in the State are hopefully and patiently waiting for the speedier solution to these civic problems.

Though developmental activities are part of progression of the State which requires the participation of the multinational companies, to a certain extent, it would be proper and fair for the Government to first develop the available infrastructure to the world class standard and thereupon only invite themultinational companies to participate in the developmental activities of the State, though it is not an easy task. Any deviation from this approach would not only add to the sufferings of the business community and the people who have already established their business units in the State, but could invite the wrath of the multinational companies which in turn may bring down the image of the Statein the world market.Therefore, the State Government may take urgent steps to augment the available infrastructural facilities particularly, road connectivity,water and electricity supply in the State so that the people can have the pleasure of good motorable roads, minimum power shut down and regular water supply in the State.

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