An artical about “Revised master plan for Mangalore”

Revised master plan for Mangalore:

The Mangalore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has come out with a revised master plan after 17 years. According to the 2001 Census, MUDA covered a population of 6.46 lakh. However, the revised master plan envisages a population of 8.50 lakh by 2011 and 10.75 lakh by 2021 in the city.

The second revised master plan, which got temporary approval from the Karnataka Government in 2006, received the final approval in the latter half of 2009. MUDA’s second revised master plan, which focuses on the development needs of the region by 2021, proposes to develop 207 of the area in the region MUDA covers 306 of the area. This includes the Mangalore City Corporation limits, Ullal town Panchayat, Mulki municipality and64 village panchayats.

The master plan has categorized the local planning area as intensively developed zone, moderately developed zone, and sparsely developed zone. The floor area ratio (FAR), including the premium FAR, has been fixed at a maximum of 3.25. The FAR will be more in moderately developed zone than the intensively developed zones with the maximum (3.25) in sparsely developed zones.

The intensively developed zone has very limited land available for development. The central business district area, including Hampankatta, has been designated as intensively developed zone, whereas surrounding areas are designated as moderately developed zone. Some areas on the outskirts of the city, which are likely to witness development in the days to come, have been identified as sparsely developed zone will see residential and commercial development in three to five years and the sparsely developed zone will see development after two to three years.

Though the revised master plan promotes integrated township in Mangalore, it will take a couple of years for it to materialize. This is because the civic infrastructure and wider roads, including ring roads, would have to be ready before the development happens.

The commercial development is expected in the city area due to road widening and concreting of roads. This residential sector will witness growth on the outskirts and the periphery of Mangalore due to integrated township plan proposed under the revised master plan.

The revised master plan considers buildings exceeding 18 meters in height as high-rise buildings, against the earlier limit of 15 meters. The minimum width of roads leading to such buildings will go up to 12 meters.



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