Fit is not possible for you to have a garden outdoors, don’t worry. You can transport all thegreenery, freshness and beauty of the outdoors into your patio, verandah or terrace by having an indoor garden. Most ground plants, ferns, orchids etc bloom well indoors but they may have some difficulties. They will need more care than outdoor plants do which means that they can’t be left untended while you move out on a holiday. Mysterious ailments may attack them so its wiser to select plants that need little care.

Watering plants in excess is sure to kill them and so will moving pots from shade into direct sunlight. The plant should not be allowed to become fully dry or it will damage the root system. Before it looks like it needs watering it should be caught. To prevent the root from rotting, watershould drain out from the bottom when watering and pots must not be left standing in water holders.
Lilies are plants that take to pots and grow from the bulb. The base of the pot should be lined with chipped pottery, soil should be added and the bulbs planted close together leaving the tip above the surface. They will take around six weeks to develop leaves.
Another way of varying plant arrangements is to first select tall, squat, large or small containers and group together plants with different shapes, sizes and textures in one pot. You may put Fucia, Spiky Downers and a palm in one container which will make an eye-catching arrangement.
make use of window boxes but here in this country much importance is not given to window boxes and window sills. window with flowers outside it looks attractive. Keep a metal planter and screwit into the wall with brackets. Individual pots can be put inside or the soil can be directly laid. After letting it settle for ten days, you should get some cascading plants like Snap dragons that are pink, yellow or red, lobelia, white and pink geraniums, pink and blue hydrangeas, purple and white petunia, variously colored verbena, honey suckle and periwinkle to make a waterfall of cascading colors.
A plant with long bushy greenery is Asparagus meyerii or squirrel tail. Its cylindrical leaves grow in thick clumps and it should be placed in the centre so that it has space for growing. Let the water soak through the soil and let it dry before watering any
further. Take a narrow, watering-can with a spout and water the plants in the windowsill wellwithout dislodging the soil. Fertilize them now and then.
At the entrance and in the verandah it would look striking to place hanging baskets filled with petunias, lobian, begonia, busy lizzie, small ferns and ivy. You can have flames of color with Hibiscus grown in pots.
African violets look lovely on windowsills. They need fertile soil and sunlight and are pink and mauve which becomes dark purple in colorful blooms. You can propagate them by dividing the roots into many smaller clumps. It should be done gently. Another plant that is simple to grow and hascolorful foliage is Coleus. It should not be exposed to strong sunlight.
If you happen to stay in a flat that doesn’t have a verandah, you should take a new look at yourterrace. It could easily be converted into a pleasant garden to be enjoyedon warm summer evenings and during houseparties.
Before you actually begin, it would be wise to consult a professional builder for advice regarding
A space of 8 feet into 10 feet can be transformed into a luxuriant display with all varieties of flowers, creepers and shrubs. You should have a bamboo trellis as a wind breaker secured tightly to the wall as there is likely to be a lot of wind. As the temperature will be higher and plants have to weather the elements they will need sufficient watering except during the monsoon.
A decorative Bottle Brush tree will grow fast and its leaves are ornamental with red plumes of delicate flowers. The Christmas Star plant or Euphorbia pulcherrima is ideal for this tropical weather.The red and whitestar shaped flowers will will, in that case, also be treated as part of thedown payment if the purchase is later made by the next man.
The heavy slump in the real estate market here has affected create a good climate when used as border plants as they thrive in the winter.
It is really luxurious to have a lawn on the rooftop but its surface has to be protected by a waterproof covering like a plastic sheet. About 18 inches of well nourished soil can be spread on which you can put the lawn that is ready grown or it can be cultivated with lawn grass that requires little upkeep.
The terrace can be beautified through short growing plants, creepers and plants that hug the ground. Petunia, geranium nasturtiums, carnation, hibiscus, cornflowers, fuchsia and short stemmed lilies carefully chosen will form a riot of color in the place. The windbreaker can be adorned with trailing sweet peas,jasmine and ivy.
developers for around six months The Promoters and Builders Association of Pune (PBAP) has recently announced a number of schemes to promote sales.
According to Mont Vert’s managing director, Jayant Kaneria: by May-June this year, we will have a certain number of apartments ready to sell, which have not been booked so far. When people are finding it difficult to buy flats for fear of losing their job we want them to give a sigh of relief. We are targeting families that earn up to Rs 50,000 a month and would buy an apartment once the economy slump is over.
Develop Your Garden
Before you have a garden design in place, you must first decide what you are looking for in a garden. If you want your garden to stand out, you must think of a design that looks different.
If you are the kind who likes neat edges, straight lines, and trimmed borders, a formal garden may appeal to you. A rectangular lawn with straight flower borders and circular flower beds may be the right choice for you. A straight driveway and a rigid design may just complete this formal look. Everything in this garden is symmetrical with not a hint of anything that’s natural.
When the plot size is small, it often limits the choice for a natural-looking landscape and so the formal look may just be the right choice in that case. A small formal garden with flower beds and roses is still popular among gardeners as it allows them to grow a variety of plants. The design element does not play a major role here.
If space is a major constraint, there is another way out too. Your backyard could be turned into apatch of green. A courtyard garden with floor tiles, green foliage and a shrub or two can have astrong impact even if there are just a few plants.
Nothing can beat the rose garden. In terms of color and beauty, the rose garden offers unlimited choice. There are numerous varieties, color options and combinations. Care must be taken to seethat the beds are edged with seasonal flowers and bulbs. The garden will look bare when the roses are pruned and it’s important that there are different kinds of seasonal flower in bloom always.
Parterres consist of a series of shaped beds or compartments that together form a pattern. These are gardens that are designed to be viewed from the upper windows of grand houses. They are expensive, slow to establish and labor intensive. But the final effect can be quite stunning.
Stones and gravel can be used effectively to create a garden that’s unique and easy to maintain too. Drought-tolerant plants must be chosen to see that they don’t wilt in summer. The choice ofplants is, therefore, limited in a rock garden. A large rock or boulder can be used as a focal pointand a variety of plants can be grown in groups.
Choose a design that appeals to you, get the right plants, and you can start your garden. As long as you know what you want, it does not matter how exotic the design theme is. With plants thatare chosen to suit the climate and landscape, it’s easy to achieve the garden you have planned. Not only this, greenery around us leads to the advantages of anti- pollution, environment friendly measures which gives us oxygen-rich air to breathe in, where health benefits for the body andcosmetic benefit for healthy and glowing skin also integrated.
If a tiny ground is fronting your home, create a small patch of green by filling it with fertile soil and planting a few plants which won’t grow into large trees requiring big space. There are plenty ofpotted plants ju t ideal for tiny spaces, where you can create a small garden in your balcony orterrace. A small sculpture in an affordable material placed in between the plants looks attractive. A floor lamp will also enhance the space. You can also hang lantern above the plants from the ceiling.If you have a tiny backyard, you can add a series of grooves with plants there.
If you feel you don’t have the space or time to tend a set of plants, then just add one simplecreeper or plant in a small comer with a small sculpture in the niche above it and a small andelegant overhead lamp or with a painting hanging on the wall above and this will also make for apleasant green comer.
When there is absolutely no space on the floor or balcony, then the window sill is a good option asa space for placing a few slow-growths, small-size plants. Another option is hanging plants, these can be placed just outside the entrance or in the balcony either overhead or suspended from therailings.
Another location for greenery in such space-cramped homes would be a study table or a corner of the kitchen counter. Small desktop plants can be requested for these locations. Terrarium is a kind of garden which is a zero-maintenance one once it is installed, and decor object by itself.
Another location for greenery in such space-cramped homes would be a study table or a corner of the kitchen counter. Small desktop plants can be requested for these locations. Terrarium is a kind of garden which is a zero-maintenance one once it is installed, and decor object by itself.

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